When the Storm Comes In

My husband and I always laugh about the difference in our dog’s attachment to us. When
I am home, she is constantly near me. If I move – she moves. If my husband calls her to
take her out or feed her, she runs and hides somewhere near me. However, when I am
away from home, my husband becomes her best friend.

Recently, my husband had gone to bed, and I was sitting at my desk working with the
dog lying at my feet. As I was working, I felt a nice cool breeze come through the
window, shortly followed by distant thunder. The dog started whining and as the thunder
grew louder, she went running down the hall to my bedroom. I knew she was going to her
storm hiding spot – under our bed. Nevertheless, within a few minutes she was back,
looking at me and whimpering. When I did not respond, she went running back to the
room and under the bed. After several repeats of this behavior, she came back a final time
and barked at me. So, I decided, to follow her back to the room to see what she would do.
When I walked into the room, she dived under the bed. I sat on the bed a few minutes to
see what she would do, and as long as I sat there, she did not come out. However, as soon
as I walked out of the room, she came running behind me.

As I watched the dog going back and forth, I thought about Peter and the disciples when
they were in the midst of the storm. I suspect the disciples might have been thinking, not
only are we in the midst of a major storm, now there’s ghost walking on the water!
However, Peter hearing the voice of Jesus, must have been thinking, if it is Jesus, then
I’m safe. This meant he had to leave what was probably the safest place to be in the
middle of a storm in the middle of the sea. We all go through storms in life. We can make
the choice to try to weather it alone, or hide out until the storm is over, or we can turn
Christ. Knowing that he has promised to never leave nor forsake us.

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